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Which Dog Toys Should I Buy and Which Do I Avoid?

Updated: May 9, 2022

Knowing which dog toys to purchase for a power chewer can sometimes feel like an experiment. Over the years I have tried many different options and narrowed them down to the 3 best dog toys that can withstand the test of time so that you don't find yourself constantly purchasing new dog toys every month.

#1 KONG EXTREME :: Kong extreme are the black toys (not the red ones, those are the standard kong toys). For power chewers, the black Kong Extreme versions are the ones you want to find. We have the Kong Extreme Dog Toy as well as the Bone. We have had these for 3+ years with no problems. They cost approximately $13 and you can find them at! Click here to get yours.

#2 GOUGHNUTS PRO 50 RING :: This toy is one of the more expensive options at $30 each, but honestly it is so worth the price. I have had this toy for 3+ years and you can barely see teeth marks in it. What I love most about this toy is that the core is red, and if you ever see the red core that is a signal to know its time for a new toy. I have yet to come close to seeing any red and look forward to many more years of fun for my boys with the GoughNuts Pro 50 Ring. Click here to get yours.

#3 SODAPUP DOUBLE TROUBLE :: I found this toy by accident, and I love it so much, we bought a 2nd. Originally I had purchased a different toy from a local boutique that my dog destroyed within 45 minutes. I contacted the company, explained my story, and they replaced my original purchase with the SodaPup Double Trouble. We have had this toy for 2 years, I believe and purchased the second last year. For only $14, I didn't feel bad purchasing multiples. You can get yours here.

With the discussion of which toys to buy, I feel obligated to inform you about a couple of items to never purchase for your German Shorthaired Pointer or other power chewer.

First toy I recommend avoiding is the Nylabone. I know these chew toys say they are great for power chewers, but I just can't tell you enough to stay away. As your dog chews on this toy, the material begins to be scraped and formed into pointy ends. These pointy parts will poke your dogs gums and eventually make them bleed which is no good for your poor pups and will get blood on your furniture, carpet etc. Just don't buy them no matter how tempting it may be.

Secondly, avoid all raw hide. Raw hide is difficult for dogs to digest. Overtime, it just builds up in the stomachs to the point that your dog will eventually throw it up, or worse - need surgery. Just leave it and opt for safer options for your precious furry friends!

Buying more expensive toys can sometimes seem overwhelming at first, but just know that this will result and having to purchase less overtime since you will not have to replace them very often. I have toys in every room of our home. I am always tripping on toys. But it is so important to keep them readily available so that your dogs don't find other things to chew on that you don't want them to have (i.e. shoes, pillows, etc).

Want to see what these toys look like in person? Head over to YouTube and check out the video I made showing each one of the items listed above! Click here:

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