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Product Review: Qalo Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are being talked about all over the place lately, it seems. Most recently, I've heard Eva Shockey talk about them quite regularly. She's even posted about them a few times on her social media and blog. There are various brands available, but the one I am most familiar with is Qalo.

A few years ago I had purchased a silicone ring for Brian for Christmas. Ultimately my main reason was because he was doing a lot of work with his hands, as well as hunting from a tree stand almost daily during that season. I had always heard that you shouldn't wear your normal metal wedding band when doing these types of activities just for the sheer fact that if it got caught on something you could lose your finger. Enter, Qalo Silicone Wedding Bands.

Qalo rings are made of strong silicone and resistant to many chemicals. The rings are so comfortable to wear and fit true to your wedding band size. And I absolutely love that they come in various designs and colors for both men and women.

Originally I purchased the classic style in the color Green Sage for Brian in 2016. He wore this silicone ring out after about 18 months of daily wear and ended up getting a new one. But honestly, at a price of just $25, it doesn't even bother me that it wore out. The replacement cost is pennies compared to his original wedding band. Can you imagine the destruction that would have happened to his original wedding band? Not to mention the original band was a custom made antler ring, so it would be next to impossible to get the exact same ring if we needed to replace it.

My original wedding ring is a tear drop shaped diamond with many other smaller diamonds around the bands. During the summer months I was constantly cleaning fish and worm guts out from between the diamonds, and the pointy tip of the diamond was always getting caught on something in the boat. After dealing with these small frustrations and seeing how much Brian liked wearing his ring, I finally purchased my own. I chose the Crosshatch style for myself in 3 different colors: White, Desert Rose, and Deep Blue. Having the 3 different colors allows me to match my ring to my outfit. This might seem superficial to most, but I wear these rings daily, even more so than my diamond ring anymore, which means I am wearing it to work in a professional setting. I need the ring to coordinate with my clothing so that I look halfway put together. Unlike Brian's ring, I have had mine for a year and do not see hardly any wear and tear. But that could be because I have 3 different ones that I rotate through.

I highly recommend these rings for many reasons. If you fall in any of these categories, I suggest you get one today! These rings are perfect for the:

1. Avid outdoorsman or woman (hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping)

2. Person who works with their hands often (including power tools or gardening)

3. Pregnant woman who's standard wedding ring doesn't fit due to swelling

4. Person who has gained weight, and their original wedding band is a bit snug (but you aren't ready to size up your band just yet)

5. New mom who is afraid of scratching her baby with her wedding diamond

6. Person who likes to change up her jewelry and style

Now that both of us wear our rings on the regular, it is rare that you see us wearing our standard wedding rings. In fact, I often have people comment on the fact that I don't wear mine and even ask if I have a diamond band. Every now and then, for a special occasion or a time when we get more dressed up, we bring out our original wedding rings. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the ring he gave to me during our engagement, but our relationship has never been defined by the ring itself. In fact, he proposed without a ring and I didn't even care. The proposal was the important part, the ring is just a symbol. A symbol we don't take for granted. And I'm proud to be his wife no matter what ring I am wearing.

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