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No-Pull Harness Review

Updated: May 9, 2022

Do no-pull harnesses and leashes actually work? My dogs are not trained to be leash dogs. Most of our time is spent off leash running free. But there are times when a leash is required. German Shorthaired Pointers are extremely strong dogs making them hard to walk on normal leashes. I have tried many different leashes and these two (2) "no-pull" options are the ones I like best. Take a look at the pros and cons of each to find if they are right for you!


This harness is my go to harness when I am taking just one of my dogs for a walk alone. You place the dog's neck through the upper portion of the harness. Then pull the straps under the front legs and clasp in place.

Pros: I find that my dogs pull the least when I use this harness. This one also does not require your dogs to wear a collar. Adjustable to fit different chest sizes. The lead is attached to both the front and the back of the harness for easy control.

Cons: A little confusing to put on at first. Can chafe the underarm area (under leg? under arm? Do dogs have arms? For this scenario, let pretend the front legs are arms - ha!). And lastly the lead is a bit short, so for tall people like my husband (6'-0") he tends to trip over the dog when we go on a walk. Therefore he refuses to use this leash. But for me I do not have that problem (I'm 5'-6").


This leash clips to the dogs collar. The you wrap the leash around the chest behind the front legs, pull through the metal loop on the leash, and you are ready to go!

Pros: This leash has a longer lead, making it a better option for everyone - especially taller people like my husband. No chafing under the front legs. Can be used as a standard clip on leash as well.

Cons: This leash often slips out from under the front legs and can end up around the belly area which then requires me to constantly have to stop and adjust the positioning. If there is ever any slack in the leash, it can loosen and allow my dogs to easily step out of the leash causing me to have to stop and reloop.

Overall - I have yet to find the perfect NO-PULL leash. But for the rare instance that I need to leash my GSPs, these are the best I have found yet! Do you have a favorite leash or harness? I'd love other about it! Head on over to my instagram and let me know!

I have also put together a YouTube video fo this review. You can check that out here!

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