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Must Have Items For Your GSP

Updated: May 9, 2022

I was recently asked about some of my favorite dog items we have for our German Shorthairs. So I thought I would compile a list for anyone out there!


This items is perfect for using both at home and on the go. The water fills the well allowing ample space for our dogs to get a drink. And when I'm ready to load it into the truck (while still full of water) I just place it on it's back and now water spills out during transport! It holds so much more water than our other system did. Highly recommend to anyone that takes their dogs on adventures.


The Kong Extreme line of toys has been great for us. We have a few different items from this line and have had them for multiple years with no destruction. These Kong toys are black in color, not the standard red ones. The red line of Kong toys were not indesctructible for our dogs and had to get replaced. SO when I replaced them, I went with the more expensive extreme line.


This dog toy was purchased from a local dog shop (Shop Dog Boutique, if you are in Sioux Falls). It is virtually indestructible. In fact, the toy manufacturer has a guarantee that if your dog ever destroys it and reaches the red center, they will replace the toy. We absolutely love ours.


My dogs love to play fetch. For real, FETCH IS LIFE for them. (other than hunting of course). But I hated picking up the slimy balls. Not to mention they can destroy a tennis ball in a matter of seconds. So when I found the Chuck-It Launcher and the Chuck-It Rubber Balls I was so happy! These are the perfect companion for keeping my dog exercised in my backyard or anywhere! And it's super cheap. WIN!


This simple tool is what my husband uses as part of his dog training routine. Paired with some pheasant scent, and you are well on your way to having a dog nose ready for hunting season!


Previously we had our dogs on Eukanuba Performance 30/20 which worked really well for our older dog, Bentley. But after Berkley came along a couple years ago they both started to have really terrible and frequent gas. So after a lot of research I found American Journey Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food and have been so happy with the results. Our dogs rarely have smelly farts now, which for anyone that owns a dog knows how terrible those are. Plus, it is an affordable brand of dog food that also comes highly rated.

Updated on 05-09-2022: We now feed Sportdog Food. You can find it here:


Our dogs are crate trained which makes leaving the home at any point for a few hours much easier as they are very comfortable in their crates. One problem I did have is that our youngest GSP, Berkley, would constant destroy the inner crate liner every time he was in there. I was getting so frustrated. So after multiple destroyed liners I finally got smart and purchased an oversized liner and placed it OUTSIDE of his kennel, instead of inside. Now he is no longer able to reach the edges and begin destruction. I win! :)

I hope that these items will help you in your journey as a GSP owner! Tell me about any must have items that you absolutely love in the comments below!

For more detailed information, I have also created a YouTube video that will include lots of bloopers of my dogs. :) Be sure to head over there and subscribe while you're at it! Your support is very much appreciated!

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