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Secluded Cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

In the summer of 2018 I took a solo road trip all the way around Lake Michigan. It was dreamy, to say the least. You can read more about that trip here, if interested. The cabin you are about to learn about - was one of the places I stayed during my trip.

As a photographer for HipCamp, I get to stay at some of the most interesting and unique places; one of which included the Moss Lake Cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This cabin is located on a private lake near Rapid River, Michigan, surrounded by the Hiawatha National Forest. It is the ultimate in secluded relaxation.

The interior cabin is one room that includes kitchen, dining, and 2 sets of bunk beds. The beds are so comfortable. And the cabin is well stocked with primitive amenities and nicely maintained.

The exterior property includes a picnic table, fire pit, outhouse, and sauna; all for guest use. The Moss Lake has some great fishing; you can utilize a 10' Jon boat and the 4 single seat kayaks to explore the private lake.

This property was originally a hunting cabin long ago when it was first built. It is very rustic in nature - there are no showers or modern toilet facilities, no air conditioning (which isn't needed in the U.P. anyway - it was cool in June when I visited), and it operates on battery inverters and a wood burning stove. The wifi is weak, but honestly, you won't even care because you will be enjoying so much of the beauty of this area to even think about looking at your phone.

I was one of the first guests to stay at this cabin in 2018, but since photographing the property for HipCamp, their bookings have skyrocketed. They are almost always occupied, so you will want to book early to ensure you can get your time secured! This place has become a popular destination!

My photograph of the Moss Lake Cabin was also nationally recognized and featured in the May/June 2019 issue of Midwest Living magazine! You can check that out here.

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