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Lookout Mountain Hiking Trails in Spearfish, South Dakota

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

In early October, my husband, kids, and I took a quick trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We have been to the hills many times but this time we chose a trail that none of us had ever hiked before - Lookout Mountain in Spearfish, South Dakota.

The entire Lookout Mountain Park consists of approximately 756 acres and rises to a summit of 4,452 feet. These trails are located just east of Spearfish, South Dakota with parking on the westside of I-90. You will park and then walk a short distance under the interstate through a tunnel to get to the trails on the other side! There is no fee to park or access the trails.

The path is pretty easy to follow initially. There are multiple trails and choices you can make along the way to make your hiking experience unique and fit to your skill level. I found that it was easiest to use the All Trails app to help me stay on trail, because sometimes the animal trails can feel like the regular foot path trail and get you off track pretty easily.

At times, there can be cows in the pasture that you have to weave your way through, however on the day we were there, the pasture was clear (except for the occasional cow pie to dodge). Watch your surroundings as you go, as the trail does state that rattlesnakes can be present - although we did not encounter any during our hike.

Along the way you, you will slowly climb in elevation offering incredible views of the city of Spearfish! Just be careful with small children or dogs in certain areas, as the trail can narrow with a pretty steep incline on one side. There were a few times we went off trail to get away from the edges.

On this hike, we didn't make it to the actual Lookout Point. Our youngest daughter was getting tired and felt that 4 miles for a hike was long enough for her, so we found a cut back trail and headed back to the trailhead. This is one of the best things about this trail area, is that you can decide to hike longer or shorter at almost any moment.

I would definitely come back to this trail and try another route, or perhaps go the opposite direction and get to Lookout Point first! Either way, there was alot we didn't see on this trip that I look forward to seeing next time! Have you ever hiked Lookout Mountain? It's definitely worth an add to your next getaway to the Black Hills! Afterward - just head downtown (a short few blocks from the parking area) and grab some ice cream at Leones' Creamery!

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