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How to Make Hand Pies for Camp Cooking

Camping and Food. Two of my favorite things. But give me camp cooking, and I am in heaven. I absolutely love cooking over a fire using my cast iron pans. If an open fire was how I had to cook every day, that would be just fine with me!

Recently our 13 year old son, Jakob, had to get braces. On the day he had them put on, they gave him a list of foods he needed to avoid. Unfortunately that list included marshmallows. That put a big damper into our camping dessert, as that tended to be our favorite go to. And I know it is for many others too. This required me to get creative and find a new camp dessert - because dessert is required when you camp, right? And I'm fairly certain that calories don't count when you cook outdoors. ;)

What you'll need: Serving Size: 1 pie | Makes 4 servings

Cast Iron Skillet (I have this one from Cabela's)

Coconut Oil

1 Pre-made Pie Crust

1 Can Pie Filling

Sugar (for sprinkling when done)

Get your fire started and place your cast iron skillet on the grill to get it super hot. Add coconut oil so that you have about 1/2-1" of oil when melted in the skillet. You can use regular vegetable oil as well, but I like to use coconut oil for the health benefits. Coconut oil contains natural saturated fats that increase the good HDL cholesterol in your body. They may also help turn the bad LDL cholesterol into a less harmful form. Plus it tastes incredible. Anyhow, let your oil melt and get nice and hot.

While you are waiting for your oil to get hot, cut your pie crust into 4 quarters. Basically, cut your crust in half, and then in half again. This will essentially give you 4 "triangles" that you can fold to make smaller triangular pies. (Side note: When I am at home, I make my pie crust from scratch. But when I am camping, I like to keep things simple so I just bought a pre-maid crust. I don't usually like pre-made crusts, but this one tasted great! You could also pre-make your homemade crust and freeze to bring along!)

After your pie crust is cut, place a spoonful or 2 of your favorite pie filling in the center of your crust. We used canned apple pie filling. As mentioned above, I also typically make my pie filling from scratch, but for the sake of keeping camp life simple, I used a can. Still delish! Fold over your pie crust and seal the edges using a fork. Now you are ready to place them in the skillet!

Place 2 pies on the skillet at a time. The oil should sizzle when you place the pie in the skillet. That is how you know it is hot enough. Once side 1 is nice and golden brown, then flip the pies over to cook the other side! Be sure to use a nice long spatula or tongs as well as an oven mitt or glove to ensure you don't get splattered and burned with oil.

Once both sides are thoroughly browned, place the pie on a paper plate and cover with sugar on both sides! Let cool for a couple of minutes and serve while warm! ENJOY!

Summer is almost over. For many kids, they will be heading back to school very soon! So grab those ingredients, pitch that tent, and get cooking! There's still time for one more camping adventure!

Sad puppy, hoping the kids drop some dessert under the picnic table...

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