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Honest Product Review: Eva Shockey Mtn Ops Products

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Recently, MTN OPS introduced the Eva Shockey Signature Series line of products. I immediately purchased them because I already use MTN OPS products and love them, PLUS I enjoy following Eva Shockey and her family on Instagram, so I wanted to try these right away. Eva Shockey is vocal about her desire for clean eating, and these products fit into that line of eating - another great reason I wanted to try them! I am always looking for ways to be healthy.

With that said, I have been using these products for a little over a month and have found things I love and things I don't care for with these products. I have posted a few times about my use of these products on my Instagram stories (@tammy_bashore), and I always get a few questions regarding whether or not I actually like the products. So I thought I would write an honest blog about my experience with the MTN OPS EVA SHOCKEY SIGNATURE SERIES line of products.


Most importantly, is flavor. The vanilla flavor of the Egg White Protein Powder is not too sweet and not overpowering. Often times you can make a smoothie with multiple ingredients, but the flavor of protein powder is overwhelming and that's all I am able taste. BUT, The Eva Shockey Egg White Protein Powder is not this way. It is a perfect smoothie ingredient to give extra protein and a light vanilla flavor.

I absolutely love the Collagen Peptides for a very similar reason. This product is unflavored and mixes in well with any liquid - hot or cold. The Eva Shockey Collagen Peptides also give protein to keep you fuller. I always add them to my smoothie. If I am not having a smoothie that day, I add them to my coffee instead. Since there is no flavor, they dissolve nicely and don't affect the flavor of my morning coffee or smoothie!

Lastly, I absolutely love baking with the Egg White Protein Powder. You can replace 1 cup of flour in your recipe with 1/3 cup of this protein powder. I do not recommend replacing ALL of the flour in a recipe, as the consistency just doesn't turn out for me. But I typically replace half of the required flour for this protein powder. It adds a slight vanilla flavor that enhances the pancakes and muffins that I typically use it for! The protein powder can also be used as an egg substitute according to the package although I will tell you that I have not tried that just yet.


The only thing I don't love about these products is that the Egg White Protein Powder is not good alone. The first time I tried to use the protein powder, I put a scoop in my shaker with some water and shook it up. I was surprised with what I saw! The product wouldn't mix all that well and actually stayed a bit separated - almost looking like egg drop soup, for lack of better comparison. It also was somewhat "fizzy". I took a drink and just couldn't stomach the fizziness and separation of product so I ended up throwing it out. Since that experience I only use it as a mix-in with other fruits, etc to make a smoothie - which I absolutely love this use. Perhaps this is normal for egg white protein? I have never tried any other egg white protein powders, so I can't offer that comparison.

I didn't mention the Super Greens at all on either side, mainly because I don't love nor hate them. The strawberry flavor is a good flavor, but it is only good as a smoothie mix-in if you are making a strawberry smoothie. Otherwise, this flavor overpowers the other fruit flavors. It is good alone mixed with water, however. So that is how I typically take the greens rather than using them as a mix in. HOWEVER, I would LOVE if they came out with an unflavored greens that we could mix into our smoothies without added flavor!? (hint, hint, Eva!)

Hopefully this helps you with your decision on which products to try! Going forward I definitely continue purchasing the protein powder and collagen! What products have you tried? What did YOU think?

Looking for a smoothie recipe? Here is my fav so far!

8 oz Plain Oat Milk

1 scoop Eva Shockey Egg White Protein Powder

1 scoop Eva Shockey Collagen Peptides

1 cup frozen* pineapple chunks (or other favorite frozen* fruit!)

*tip - as long as the fruit is frozen, no ice is needed! I love that... no watered down smoothie.

Other mix-ins I add based on how I'm feeling:

Chia Seeds - good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium

Maca Powder - boosts energy and endurance, reduce blood pressure, reduce sun damage, improve mood, and fight free radicals

MCT Oil - shown to support weight and fat loss

Spinach - low calorie super food providing protein, iron and other vitamins and minerals for healthy hair, skin and bones.

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