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Gold Run Hiking Trail near Breckenridge, Colorado

If you are looking for a gorgeous easy snowy hike near Breckenridge, Colorado - then THIS IS YOUR TRAIL! The Gold Run Gulch Hiking Trail is a loop that is just shy of 3 miles and has very little elevation gain. Being a flatlander from South Dakota, as well as an exercise induced asthmatic, the little elevation gain is very important to me. My husband also prefers loop style trails, as it keeps him more interested in the hike when he doesn't have to double back and see the same thing twice. The Gold Run Gulch Trail can also be used for mountain biking, so be sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Dogs are welcome on the trail as well!

Getting to the trail was a very easy drive through a beautiful neighborhood. There is parking at the trailhead as well, although I've heard if you come in the summer, the parking can be quite full so you would want to use the free shuttle from Breckenridge. We were the only ones on the trail when we arrived at the end of October!

I recommend taking the left trailhead entrance to begin. The first half of the hike is on a gravel road - which in the winter when it is snowy, actually didn't bother me because it was covered in beautiful snow and didn't feel like a road at all. This route then left the gorgeous hike through the trees for the last half - so worth the wait!

Along the trail you will come upon the actual mine and mill that this trail was named after! I just loved seeing this part of history preserved. Made for a great start to the trail.

Winding around the trail, we kept seeing huge hoof prints, much larger than the deer we see at home. We also saw a really large rub - also larger than what our deer produce at home. I just knew there was a larger animal - elk? moose? - in the area, but never did see it. I was so bummed! But it was fun to keep my eye out on the hike.

Once we got onto the dirt trail, we were surrounded by tall evergreen trees. The snowy path was fairly easy to follow. I did have to have the AllTrails app out a couple of times to make sure we were still on path. At one point we did take the wrong turn but easily found our way back using the app gps. There are alternative trails that zig zag back and forth through the area as well, so it is easy to get yourself turned around or create a longer hike if desired.

We crossed wooden bridges multiple times, and towards the end zigzagged down the steep decline back to the parking lot.

I absolutely loved this trail, and will recommend it to anyone traveling to the Breckenridge area! Have you ever hiked this one?

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