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Gift Guide for the Person Who Loves the Outdoors

Christmas is my favorite time of year! And buying gifts that I know my favorite outdoors lovers in the family with enjoy is so satisfying. Here is a list of items I would put on the list for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as I do!

COLEMAN CAMP STOVE :: $95 :: The one I have is quite a bit older than this one, but Coleman Triton InstaStart Two-Burner Propane Stove tagged here is pretty much the exact one. I had never used a camp stove until last summer on my solo road trip all the way around Lake Michigan, but now I am hooked. The rest of the summer and fall, I tried to find any reason I could to use my camp stove. Number one thing I use it for? Heating water for pour over coffee at the campsite. Coffee always tastes better when made and consumed outdoors! Am I right?

POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER PLUS FILTERS :: $10 + $4 :: My younger sister first turned me on to this style of coffee making when I spent some time with her in Chicago a few years ago. I absolutely love the fact that I know my coffee maker is completely clean because, let's be honest, does anyone know how clean (or dirty) the inside of their standard coffee maker really is? I use this percolator found at Cabela's to heat up my hot water. (side note: I remove the percolator portion and just use the pot for heating water) Now don't get me wrong, we use our standard coffee pot when Brian and I are both home. But when I was camping alone, or just need to make a single cup of coffee, the pour over method is so stinkin' handy! Plus I no longer have to get dressed and head to a gas station to get my early morning coffee when I'm camping. Now I can make it myself within seconds of waking up and heating up my water on the camp stove!

GRIZZLY GRIP BOTTLE AND CAMP MUG :: $25 + $20 :: I love coffee. Have you gathered that yet? ha! Recently I was sent this insulated bottle and camp mug from Grizzly and I'm obsessed! The insulated bottle comes in multiple sizes; 20oz, 32oz, and 64oz, (I have all 3, in case you were wondering) and also these awesome camp mugs! Standard coffee mugs just don't keep coffee warm long enough. All of the heat eventually evaporates. But with these camp mugs, it keeps your coffee warm for many hours! Yesssssss!

LOVE YOUR MELON BEANIE :: $30 :: After seeing this brand of beanie on a couple of people, I decided to try it for myself and now it is the only beanie I will wear. The style is looser around the face, keeping me from looking like the alien emoji. (look it up here if you aren't sure what I am referring to) The brand has so many colors and styles to choose from and they are continually releasing new styles throughout the year. I now have 3 different colors and just purchased one for my daughter as well. I absolutely love the way these fit and will never purchase another brand! Need another reason to check these out? Well - 50% of the profit from the sale of each beanie goes to supporting non-profits that are in the fight against pediatric cancer. You won't be disappointed and neither will the recipient of this awesome gift.

FIRST LITE WOODBURY JACKET :: $244 :: This item is a bit spendier compared to the other items on this list, but it is so worth it. I am someone who gets cold really easily, but I'm also not one to sit indoors during the cold months. Enter this jacket from First Lite. It is so incredible warm and comfortable, I can go outside in almost any temperature and feel comfortable. The jacket has tons of pockets. It is no longer available on the First Lite website, but you can get it here at the Field and Stream Shop. If you are ordering for a woman, order 1 size down as this is a jacket designed for men.

WATER JUG :: $20 :: When I was road tripping alone, it was so awesome to have a huge jug of water with me. Not only is it more eco friendly, than bring multiple plastic water bottles along, but it was so easy to just heat up some water for oatmeal and coffee in the morning. The just lasted me all week making it so convenient and easy to always have water handy. The jug I tagged is similar to the one I used. Slim design that easily packed into a vehicle without taking up too much space. (left of the cooler in image below)

SPORTSMAN TEE :: $27.50 :: The perfect tee for the sportsman and conservationist in your life. The material is super soft and comfortable and the design is unisex, making it great for men and women alike. This one barely stays in the closet. It is almost immediate worn as soon as it is clean again.

FLEX TIE HEADBAND :: $18 :: I think I've tried almost every headband and this one fits me best. I must have an oddly shaped head, but I struggle to ever find a headband that doesn't slip off my head. These flex tie headbands from JUNK brand are stretchy and have such a great shape that I can wear them easily with not worries of having to continually mess with the headband to keep it in place. They are moisture wicking too, making them perfect for summer heat. I live in mine when camping! You can get them online, or they are also available in Scheels stores too.

THE STRANGER IN THE WOODS BY MICHAEL FINKEL :: $14 :: I had first heard about this true story on the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast by REI. I was so intrigued I went to the library and had read the book within just 3 days of picking it up. It was that good. "This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a reality; not out of anger at the world, but simply because he preferred to live on his own." I am so fascinated by how this guy had lived and thrived. And for anyone that longs for the solitude that the wilderness provides, this book is for you.

What would you add to this list!? What are you getting the person who loves the outdoors in your life? Share with us in the comments below!

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