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Explore the Meridian District in Yankton South Dakota

Looking for things to do in Yankton, South Dakota? The Meridian District is Yankton's historic downtown area. There is something for everyone including historic sites, unique shopping, delicious dining, and public art exhibits. Often, throughout the summer months, you will find festivals and events happening here, including Ribfest and Riverboat days.

1 :: Take a stroll across the Meridian Bridge. The Meridian Bridge is a historic double-decker bridge originally used as a toll bridge on the upper deck. Currently, you can walk across both the upper and lower deck to the opposite side of the Missouri River and back again!

2 :: Cool off and play in the water fountain at the Meridian Bridge Plaza. Meridian Bridge Plaza is located along the Missouri River as you walk to and from the bridge.

3 :: Grab lunch at Willa B's Bistro! Willa B's Bistro is located close to the Meridian Bridge Plaza. This restaurant is named after the mother of one of the co-owners, a thrifty survivor of the Great Depression! The restaurant includes both indoor and outdoor seating. The furniture is an eclectic mix of vintage tables and chairs that are sure to remind you of Grandma's kitchen!

4 :: If you love vintage finds, you won't want to miss the multi-level Yankton Antique Mall! Upon entering, you are greeted by an adorable little dog - already off to a great start! Cruise through the packed aisles to find massive salt and pepper shaker collections, cookie jars, chickens, glassware, and other vintage finds that will be reminiscent of your childhood for sure! These Smurf glasses were nostalgic from my 80s childhood!

5 :: Head over to Lotus Soaps for a great selection of quality handmade soaps and other bath products - including lotions, candles, salts, bath bombs and more! Soaps are made with organic lard rendered in South Dakota, and the cocoa butter & shea butter is organic straight from Ghana Africa. Candles are made from a nontoxic wax with no phthalates use of any kind.

6 :: Don't forget to take instagram worthy photos in front of the many murals! The Meridian District has multiple large-scale murals for you to enjoy as you stroll from shop to shop downtown! These murals are a part of the Meridian District Art Project to enhance the downtown with public art! Be on the lookout as you walk downtown - some murals are hidden in alleyways!

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