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Coziest Condo in Keystone, Colorado

Finding a cozy place to stay when we head out on a trip is almost always my number one task. Some people say "its just a place to sleep", but not for us. We love to wake up in a place that feels comfortable, where the ambiance fits a perfect cup of coffee. We also typically enjoy quiet evenings in, so having a great place to hang out is always key. However, coupled with that, is the fact that I am extremely frugal - you know - champagne taste on a beer budget, as they say!

Enter, the coziest little condo in Keystone, Colorado.

Keystone, Colorado, is a quieter mountain town located in Summit County. There isn't alot of shopping or restaurants. It is mainly an area for skiing. However, due to that fact, you are able to get great deals on super cute places to stay. Plus, you are just a 5-15 minute easy drive from places like Frisco, Breckenridge, Dillon and Silverthorne - which all offer everything you could need. I will gladly have to drive a few minutes to various places, to save a few dollars. Especially since I would drive to all these places anyhow!

View from Parking Area - Photo from VRBO listing

This condo checked all the boxes for me. #1 - it has super cute architecture on the outside, and beautiful finishes on the inside. The parking and access to the property was easy. The bed was super soft and comfortable. The kitchen had everything we needed to make evening dinners at home. The living room had a large place to lounge with a TV and a fireplace - which to me is a must have to create the ultimate cozy ambiance. On top of this, there was a private hot tub on the patio - we didn't have to use a community hot tub, which is so hard to find!

Photo from VRBO listing

There were only 2 things I would say were negatives about our stay

  1. The coffee provided was weak. I recommend either bringing your own, or going somewhere local and grabbing a bag for your stay.

  2. The shower had a glass barrier on 1/2 of the tub, but the other portion was just wide open with no door or protection, which made showering a little bit chilly at times.

Overall, I would stay here again and highly recommend that you check it out for your next stay to the Summit County area of Colorado!

You can book your stay via VRBO by clicking here:

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