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Cave Point County Park in Door County, WI

Cave Point County Park is approximately 19 acres in size and located in Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is a peninsula that juts out near Green Bay, WI, into Lake Michigan. It is often referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest" with its picturesque coastal towns and incredible natural beauty.

Cave Point County Park has been carved out for many years by the crashing waves of Lake Michigan. There is no entry fee to visit this spectacular park. You can actually go into the caves via kayak or scuba if you wish! There are kayak tours available nearby. I stayed up above on land and loved every minute of it.

Cave Point County Park is easily accessible by car. Once parking my vehicle, I explored the main area with great views of Lake Michigan. Not into hiking? Thats ok! You'll be able to see the caves within just a few steps from the parking lot.

This park is wonderful for all ages, but PLEASE keep your little ones close so that they don't fall over the edge of the limestone cliffs. The crashing waves can be very dangerous on a windy day - sometimes reaching upwards of 30 feet!

During my time at the park, I hiked one of the trails that goes along the lakeshore. It is more of a wooded trail, which was great because when I was there it was extremely windy. The trees gave a bit of cover and allowed me to get down to more private parts of the park for my own little quiet piece of heaven, which is what I crave on my solo road trips such as this one.

I honestly loved this park so much, I went back a 2nd time during my trip - and highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the area!

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