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Best Travel Kennel for your German Shorthaired Pointer

Updated: May 9, 2022

In a new weekly series, I am answering selected questions that come from my Instagram and YouTube channel. This week I received a handful of people asking me what size of travel kennel I use for my 2 German Shorthaired Pointers.

Best Travel Kennel for your German Shorthaired Pointer

We take our GSPs with us on a lot of outdoor adventures, so having a safe travel kennel from them is so important. Our kennels are the Intermediate size kennel from Ruff Land Kennels. You can purchase them at Cabela's, as well as through the the Ruff Land Kennels website.

This kennel is 31" deep, 20" wide and 22" tall. They are the perfect size that we can sit them side by side in both my husbands truck bed and even in my Chevy Traverse SUV (which was the reason I went with this SUV! - thats how important my dogs are to me!) And in the off chance they aren't in use, they stack on top of each other, taking up less square footage in the garage. They are super lightweight, making it easy for me to move in and out of our vehicles.

You can head to my YouTube channel to check out a video of me answering this same questions, and then I bring you along on our latest bird hunt! Click HERE!

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