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About Me

Hi! My name is Tammy Bashore.  I’m an expert in visual storytelling, a nerd when it comes to proper grammar, and my obsession is inspiring others to appreciate living life in the flyover states. 


I’ve found that most companies, makers and property owners are excited about the product or experience they have to offer, but struggle in knowing how to share it with the world. So, I create original and authentic photography and written content for a variety of platforms to help them market their product or experience well and get back to the work they love.


When I’m not busy sharing social content, editing photos or writing content, you can catch me out on the trails!  Most days you can find me with my hiking boots on, wandering the woods with camera in hand and my 2 german shorthair pups in tow.  People often refer to me as an inspiring outdoors woman who gets to spend time in some of the most beautiful places. 

As a photographer and avid outdoors woman, I’ve been featured in various media outlets including Midwest Living Magazine and South Dakota Department of Tourism.


Contact Me:

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